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Что такое ПКД?

Материал PCD называется поликристаллическим алмазом, это своего рода новый сверхтвердый материал, который изучается и исследуется в 1970-х годах. Его можно спекать при высокой температуре 1400 ℃ и высоком давлении 6 ГПа.

Алмазный песок, сплавленный вместе в условиях высокого давления и температуры в присутствии каталитического металла. Чрезвычайная твердость, износостойкость и теплопроводность алмаза делают его идеальным материалом для изготовления режущих инструментов.

Поликристаллический алмаз — это не только новый инженерный материал, но и новый функциональный материал. Это не только высокотехнологичный продукт, но и высокоэффективный продукт. С развитием современной промышленности, науки и техники поликристаллический алмаз широко используется в современной промышленности, национальной обороне и высокотехнологичных областях благодаря своим превосходным механическим, тепловым, химическим, акустическим, оптическим и электрическим свойствам.


Why Carbide drilling?

Comparing to HSS material, HSS(Co) is only used if there are specific circumstances that make a solid carbide drill unsuitable. Carbide drills provide faster cutting rates, longer tool life, better positional and dimensional accuracy and improved surface finish. Shorter cycle times and tighter tolerances translate into maximum machine utilizations, better part quality and optimum hole making cost savings


в чем преимущество инструментов PCD?

Поликристаллический алмазный инструмент стал незаменимым инструментом в современном процессе резки, что в основном проявляется в следующих аспектах:

1. Высокоскоростная резка, высокая стабильность обработки

2. Ультраточная обработка зеркал

3. Сухая резка, чистая обработка

Общие приложения для PCD:

  • Алюминий и алюминиевые сплавы

  • Медь, латунь и бронзовые сплавы

  • Цинковые и магниевые сплавы

  • Углеродное волокно

  • Эпоксидные смолы

  • Пластмассы

  • Композиты из стекловолокна

  • Графитовые композиты

ToolingBox ISO standard drills.jpg

Solid carbide drills from ToolingBox

ToolingBox offers a full line of versatile and material-specific solid carbide drills that are designed to perform in general-purpose, multi-purpose, and high-volume production environments. Our cutting-edge material-specific innovations can be used at high-cutting parameters to save machining time and free up capacity in mass production environments while the general-purpose solid carbide drill bits offer the broadest diameter selection for end users who need long tool life in various materials. Select from the high-performance TBDrill-PF™ drill and TBDrill-DPF™ deep drills with material-specific coatings , the TBDrill-XP™ multi-purpose and general-purpose drills for small and medium-sized shops.

1. TBDrill-XP™ Series Solid Carbide Drills for General Purpose 

One of the main advantages of using general purpose drills is their versatility. They are capable of drilling through a wide range of materials. In addition, general purpose drills are also available in a variety of lengths, diameters, and shapes to meet the needs of different drilling applications. normally the lengths of 3xD, 5xD and 8xD with cooling holes and without cooling holes  are stocked by us.  Overall, TBDrill-XP™ multi-purpose and general-purpose drills are a reliable and efficient tool for drilling holes in a variety of materials, and are very suitable  for small and medium-sized shops. 

the god of drilling-min.jpg

The TBDrill-XP™ series

win " the 2023 Product Innovation Award Of China Cutting Tools Association"

TBDrill-XP™  drills feature a double cutting edge design,the cutting edge have been specially treated, making them more stable without losing their sharpness. The design of big chip evacuation space and polished chip evacuation flute benefit good drilling preformance.In addtion, the cutting angle design increases the hole quality and cross-hole drilling will be better and quieter. In additional, The drills with through holes will generate less forces in the material when they come through, this also increases the tool life and makes the cutting edge less likely to crumble or flake.

the god of drilling-2-min.jpg
2. TBDrill-PF™ Series Solid Carbide Drills for High Preformance
TBDrill-PF High Preformance drill series.jpg

TBDrill-PF™  High performance carbide drills are made from a hard and durable carbide material that is able to withstand high levels of heat and wear. These drills are designed for use in a variety of materials, including hard steel, stainless steel after heat treatment, hard cast iron, and high temp/nickel alloy, Ti alloy and are ideal for drilling precise, accurate holes in a variety of applications. With the high performance capabilities,TBDrill-PF™ series drills are able to drill faster and more efficiently than normal drill bits. In addition to their durability and performance, TBDrill-PF™  carbide drills also offer a longer lifespan than other types of drill bits, making them a cost-effective choice for drilling projects.

3. TBDrill-DPF™ Series Solid Carbide Drills for Deep Hole Drilling

The TBDrill-DPF™ series deep drills is a next-generation drill for deep hole drilling, features stable chip control and improved strength to further enhance efficiency of deep hole drilling. The spiral-flute and "X" sharp cutting edge design reduced cutting resistance during high efficiency drilling. Improved chip evacuation makes it possible to reduce spindle load fluctuation, ensuring stable, long tool life. The TBDrill-DPF™ series provides excellent guide performance due to the unique design when compared to the conventional drill.To provide the cutting edge with an optimum coolant supply, the TBDrill-DPF™ drills possess a maximized coolant duct profile. It ensures an efficient coolant supply to the cutting edge as well as excellent chip evacuation,chip packing and a subsequent jamming of the tool is effectively prevented.

TBDrill-DPF™ deep drills.jpg
ToolingBox X-shaped fore-end drilling.jpg

Features and Benefits:

  • Deep hole drills: 12D / 15D / 20D / 25D / 30D

  • Special dark grey coating provides long tool life

  • Standard A-shank according to DIN 6535 HA (round cylindrical with 2mm steps)

  • The highly polished surface ensures superior chip evacuation even when low-pressure coolant is applied.

  • No stock, need to customize

4. TBDrill-AF™ Series Solid Carbide Drills for Non-Ferrous metals

For non-ferrous metal machining chip formation with chip evacuation are both of vital importance.The non-ferrous metals (aluminum and copper etc.) having lower melting point than other metals causes welding to easily occur in machining. That dulls the cutting edge of the tool and lowers the surface finish and chip evacuation and increases the cutting load which causes unexpected chipping and breakage of tools.

TBDrill-AF™ series drills with sharp cutting edge minimizes welding. In addition, the design for better chip control and X-shaped thinning increases machinability and chip evacuation drastically. TBDrill-AF™ drills increases your productivity by stable machinability in machining of non-ferrous metals.

  • General stock of 3XD, 5XD and 8XD are available.

  • uncoated and coated grade with rainbow color coating can choose

TBDrill-AF drill series for non ferrous metals.jpg

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